Alyne da Silva Pimentel Teixeira (deceased) v Brazil, CEDAW, UN Doc CEDAW/C/49/D/17/2008 (2011)
(Listserve commentary forthcoming) decision
Clergy Sex Victims File International Criminal Court Complaint:  Case Charges Vatican Officials with ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ news article
Tunisia:  Government lifts key reservations to CEDAW treaty  News article
US:   Reproductive Rights Prof Blog provides US-focused scholarship and news. Subscribe here:
[Argentina] Women’s Rights at the Argentine Supreme Court: Innovative Non-Jurisdictional Offices for Women and a Conservative Jurisprudence on Reproductive Rights, working paper by Alba Ruibal.
[Brazil]   Report on Impact of criminalization in 5 Brazilian states
By Gilberta S. Soares, Maria Beatriz Galli and Ana Paula de A.L. Viana, Ipas, 2011.
[Brazil & South Africa]
HIV Science and Institutional Interpretations: The Politics of Life and Death in Brazil and South Africa, APSA 2011 Annual Meeting  Paper
[Canada: Ontario] Abortion Expert Panel Report. (2011). Recommendations to improve abortion services in Ontario. Toronto: Echo: Improving Women’s Health in Ontario, 2011.  —Appendix:  Induced Abortion in Ontario: Case Scenarios
[Canada] Formal Equality in Law, Moral Regulation in Practice: Courts Versus Policy Makers as Champions of Sexuality and Reproductive Rights in Canada by Linda White. APSA 2011 Annual Meeting Paper.
The Costs of Reproduction: History and the Legal Construction of Sex Equality (by Deborah Dinner). Harvard Civil Rights-Civil Liberties Law Review (CR-CL), Vol. 46, 2011  article
[drugs, pregnancy] “Unshackling Addiction: A Public Health Approach to Drug Use During Pregnancy”   by Seema Mohapatra
Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender & Society, Fall 2011 article
[discrimination, Hong Kong]  The Mainlander as ‘Other’ in the Maternity Wards of Hong Kong, [recent cases, discrimination] by Rohan B.E.Price & John K.S. Ho, working paper 
[Japan]  Norm Internalization through Transnational Legal Process: The Case of Individual Compensation for the Former Wartime Comfort Women, by Naoko Kumagai, APSA 2011 Annual Meeting Paper.
Mechanisms for advancing women’s human rights: A guide to using the Optional Protocol to CEDAW and other international complaint mechanisms, 95-pages. Guide
Non-Discrimination in International Law: A Handbook for Practitioners (Interights) 261-pages.  Guide
Performing Legal Order: Some Feminist Thoughts on International Criminal Law, by Doris Buss, International Criminal Law Review, Vol. 11, pp. 409-423, 2011.  article
[prenatal testing] And Genetic Testing for All….The Coming Revolution in Prenatal Genetic Testing, by Jaime S. King, Rutgers Law Journal, 2011.  article
[prostitution] The Changing Social and Legal Context of Sexual Commerce – Why Regulation Matters , by Jane Scoular,  working paper
—[Netherlands] Regulation of Sex Work in Netherlands, by Jane Scoular, working  paper:
—[Sweden] Regulation of Sex Work in Sweden, ESRC, by Jane Scoular,  working paper
—Regulating the Spaces of Sex Work (by Jane Scoular)  working paper
The Human Rights Framing of Maternal Health: A Strategy for Politicization or a Path to Genuine Empowerment? by Candace Johnson and Surma Das. APSA 2011 Annual Meeting Paper.
[Rwandan law &]  Doctors’ Civil Liabilities Arising from Negligent Prenatal Genetic Counseling, working paper by Evode Kayitana
Same Sex Marriage Symposium (by Macarena Saez, in Spanish). Anuario de Derechos Humanos, 2011 ; article in Spanish
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Justice: A Comparative Law Casebook, 2011.  417 pages, Online.

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