Kyrgyzstan: misoprostol access under CEDAW to prevent maternal deaths from haemorrhage

Congratulations to Gulnaz Naamatova, our most recent International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Scholar, who successfully completed her LL.M. thesis under the supervision of Professor Rebecca Cook.  She has since returned to Bishkek, Kygyzstan, where she now teaches courses in legal theory and human rights at the law school of the American University in Central Asia, where she is also a director of the Legal Clinic. 

Promotion of the availability and accessibility of misoprostol under the CEDAW: Postpartum haemorrhage among the rural women of the Kyrgyz Republic

by Gulnaz Naamatova, LL.M. Thesis, 2011, Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Canada

Maternal mortality in Kyrgyzstan is a discrimination of women not only based on sex, but also on rural/urban setting. Rural women are most likely to die of haemorrhage than urban women in Kyrgyzstan. Postpartum haemorrhage constitutes 45 per cent of all maternal deaths in Kyrgyzstan. This work concentrates on the obligations of Kyrgyzstan under articles 12 and 14.b of the Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW). The work analyses the nature and scope of state obligations under respective articles. Kyrgyzstan has obligations to respect, protect and fulfill rural women�s human rights to address discriminations against rural women, provide appropriate health services and ensure availability and accessibility of misoprostol to rural women. Misoprostol is more suitable to the conditions of rural area than traditionally used oxytocin. Therefore, the availability and accessibility of rural women to misoprostol will prevent avoidable maternal deaths in haemorrhage.  

Key words: CEDAW, articles 12 (Health) and 14 (rural women), postpartum haemorrhage, Misoprostol, Kyrgyz Republic

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