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REPROHEALTHLAW-L  September 11, 2012


Australia (Queensland):  Activist ob/gyn who established website on safe medical abortion at home found guilty of unprofessional conduct. Medical Board of Australia v Freeman [2012] QCAT 288 (6 July 2012)
Decision online here.

European Court of Human Rights – decision  re IVF ban in Italy
Costa and Pavan v. Italy (application no. 54270/10), ECHR 327 (2012)  August 28, 2012.
Ban preventing couple of healthy carriers of genetic disease from screening embryos for in vitro fertilisation violated their right to respect for their private and family life.
Case may be referred to Grand Chamber within 3 months.
Decision in French.    Court Press release in English.
News summary in English.

New Zealand Supreme Court:  Right to Life’s appeal dismissed.
The Abortion Supervisory Committee v. Right to Life New Zealand Inc. [2011] NZSC 73.  Judgment  and Media Release of August 9, 2012 are online here at “[2012] NZSC 68.”  The Court ruled that the Abortion Supervisory Committee does not have the power to scrutinize individual doctors’ decisions regarding approval of abortion (that is, whether or not the abortion meets the legal requirements set out in the Crimes Act 1961).  For background, see 2011 legal commentary by YY Chen,
2008 legal commentary by Simone Cusack  and timeline by ALRANZ.


Youth (age 18-25) Advocacy Institute for Safe Abortion Rights [in Asia] to be held in Mumbai, India Oct 31 – Nov 3, 2012. Full or partial scholarships available.  (Urgent) Apply by Sept 12, 2012. Application info.

“From Abortion Rights to Social Justice: Building the Movement for Reproductive Freedom.” Conference, Amherst MA, USA, April 12-14, 2013. Proposals due: Sept 17, 2012. Conference details.

“Religious Refusals Undermining Access,” webinar by Global Rights Watch, with panel of advocates from Argentina, Colombia and the U.S. to be held Thurs Sept 27, 2012 first at 9:00am, repeating at 2:00pm, Eastern Daylight Time (GMT- 4).  For registration and access info, email Sheena*Reiter @ ppfa*org.


Center for Reproductive Rights/Columbia Law School Fellowship 2-year, post-graduate fellowship, to prepare recent law school graduates for legal academic careers in reproductive health and human rights For the 2013-2015 cycle, apply by October 29, 2012.
Fellowship details.

Norman Barwin Scholarship for Reproductive Health for Canadian graduate students registered full-time at a Canadian university during the 2012-2013 academic year.  Apply by Oct 19, 2012. 
Scholarship details

Humphrey Fellowship in International Human Rights or International Organization for law or political science students now at Canadian universities.  Apply by Nov 15, 2012. Eligibility criteria and 2013 application form will be available as of Sept 14, 2012.
Fellowship details.

Schulich Fellow 2013-14, Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law. Halifax, NS, Canada, Apply by Dec 15, 2012.
Fellowship details. 

Schulich Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Dalhousie University, Schulich School of Law. Halifax, NS, Canada, Apply by Dec 1, 2012 Call for Expressions of Interest (2013‐2014).
Visiting Scholar fellowship details.


[abortion ] Breaking Through the Development Silos: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, Millennium Development Goals and Gender Equity Experiences from Mexico, India and Nigeria (by DAWN, 2012)   217-page report.

[abortion] Unsafe abortion – International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, Special Supplement, Sept 2012, includes articles on Bangladesh, Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Mexico, Nigeria, USA & Zambia.    abortion supplement.

[abortion: European Union] “The European Court of Human Rights, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and the Right to Abortion: Roe v Wade on the Other Side of the Atlantic?” by Federico Fabbrini, 18 (2011-2012) Columbia Journal of European Law 1-54.

[abortion:  Uganda]  A Technical Guide to Understanding the Legal and Policy Framework of Termination of Pregnancy in Uganda Center for Reproductive Rights)  46-page report
Knowledge of law on abortion could save Uganda’s women:
News interview with Elisa Slattery. See also:  10 key points about Uganda’s laws & policies on termination of pregnancy

[abortion, Uruguay] “The Politics of Reproductive Health Rights in Uruguay: Why the Presidential Veto to the Right to Abortion is Illegitimate” by Oscar A. Cabrera, Martin Hevia, Fanny Gómez-Lugo and Analía Banfi-Vique  (2011). Revista de Direito Sanitário, São Paulo – Journal of Health Law, July 2011. Article in English.

[abortion – Uruguay] “El veto del ejecutivo Uruguayo a la despenalizacion del aborto: Deconstruyendo sus fundamentos” (2010) by Analia Banfi Vique, Oscar A. Cabrera, Fanny Gomez Lugo, and Martin Hevia. (republished by MYSU, 2012)  Article in Spanish.

[abortion USA] The Constitutionalization of Abortion, by Reva B. Siegel.  In: Michel Rosenfeld and Andras Sajo, eds., The Oxford Handbook of Comparative Constitutional Law 1057 (Oxford: Oxford University Press 2012). Chapter proofs online.

[abortion & genetic testing] “Mixed Messages: The Intersection of Prenatal Genetic Testing and Abortion” by Rachel Rebouché & Karen H. Rothenberg, Howard Law Journal, Vol. 55, No. 3, 2012, p. 983.
Article online

[CEDAW – right to health] The UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women: A Commentary (Oxford University Press 2012) includes chapter on Article 12 (Health) by Rebecca Cook and Veronica Undurraga, which demonstrates how art. 12 has been and could be applied to discriminatory health situations.
Abstract of “Health” chapter online. 
Lowest price is at OUP UK: Info on 792-page book.
For additional 20% discount, blog subscribers may request flyer from reprohealth*law @ utoronto*ca

Conscientious Objection to Creating Same Sex Couples: An International Analysis, by Bruce MacDougall, Elsje Bonthuys, Kenneth McK. Norrie & Marjolein van den Brink, Canadian Journal of Human Rights (2012) 1(1): 128-164  Article online. 

Conscientious Objection –  list of our publications and projects, with links.

[Conscientious objection & abortion – Brazil]  “Aborto e objeção de consciência,” by Beatriz Galli, Jefferson Drezett, Mario Cavagna Neto,  64.2 Ciencia e Cultura,  São Paulo Apr./June 2012, 32-35. Article in Portuguese.

“Women, abortion and the new technical and policy guidance from WHO”   Mahmoud F Fathalla & Rebecca J Cook, Bulletin of the World Health Organization 90(2012): 712.  Article online here. 
Second edition of WHO Safe Abortion Guidance:
WHO Safe Abortion Guidance 2012.

The World’s Abortion Laws 2012 –  by the Center for Reproductive Rights:
Updated map online.

US-focused news and legal developments are available on Repro Rights Prof Blog.  Examine or subscribe.


Australia: medical abortion ban repealed. RU486 medical abortion pill finally registered.  Next hurdle: getting the drug on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.  News item.

Brazilian government announces intentions to comply with CEDAW decision re maternal mortality case of Alyne da Silva Pimentel v. Brazil.  Announcement in English and Portuguese by Dhesca Brazil.
Dhescas earlier letter to President of Brazil et al, co-signed by 16 organizations.  English translation.

India: Crackdown on female foeticide in Maharashtra  creates shortage of abortion pill.  News item.

Poland: Campaign to liberalize Polish abortion law seeks signatures.  Petition online in English and Polish.


Assistant Professor, Biomedical Ethics and the Law, Department of Community Medicine, Division of Public Health Law and Ethics, University of Connecticut.  Job details. 

Socio-Legal Research Consultant(s),  The International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) seeks individuals/organisations qualified to undertake qualitative research on legal and policy barriers that young people face in accessing SRH services in the UK & two other countries to be chosen jointly by IPPF and the researcher. Contact Katherine Watson (kawatson @ ippf*org) for PDF outline.  Applications due Sept 25, 2012.

Links to employers in the field of Reproductive and Sexual Health Law are now online here.

Compiled by the Coordinator of the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program, reprohealth*law @ utoronto*ca.  For Program publications and resources, see our website.

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