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Oct 17, 2012


Argentina – Supreme Court approves abortion for raped woman forced into prostitution  News report   
Related criminal complaint against Buenos Aires mayor for divulging private information to delay abortion   News report

Canada:  Supreme Court:  Low-risk ARV patients need not disclose HIV positive status to sex partners if condom used.  Such deception no longer poses “significant risk of serious bodily harm”.   R. v. Mabior, 2012 SCC 47, Oct 5, 2012.  Decision online.

Colombia:  Constitutional Court  ruling reaffirms the duty of all State public employees to provide accurate information on sexual and reproductive health and rights.  In this historic decision, Sept. 12, 2012, the Court ruled against government officials who were disseminating false, incomplete or distorted information, in blatant disregard for the verifiable findings of judicial, scientific and legal authorities.  Press releases from Women’s Link Worldwide: 
English press release 
Spanish press release

European Court of Human Rights, July 24, 2012, D.J. v Croatia:
Croatia failed to adequately investigate rape claim.  Decision online 
Interights submitted a third-party brief on secondary victimization of rape victims by law enforcement and justice personnel. 
Overview & links to brief


“Abortion Worldwide” – Guttmacher educational video (4 minutes)  illustrates key evidence and statistics:   
English video       Spanish video     French video

[abortion] Dignity and Sexuality: Claims on Dignity in Transnational Debates Over Abortion and Same-Sex Marriage, by Reva B. Siegel. I•CON 10 (2012), 355-379; Yale Law School, Public Law Working Paper No. 259. Working paper online

[abortion, Nepal]  10th Anniversary of 2002 decriminalization of abortion.  Since then, maternal deaths have declined 78%.
(3 short videos by ASAP):
1. Nepal Before the Decriminalization Bill of 2002, interview with Dr. Anand Tamang, director of CREHPA, Nepal
about the research studies that gave activists the ammunition they needed to challenge the abortion law    5 minute video
2. The Legal Struggle to Decriminalize Abortion – interview with Advocate Sapana Pradhan Malla recalls the legal struggle to create an abortion exemption under the homicide law.  Nepal still needs a separate rights-based law   5 minute video
3.Increasing Access to Safe Abortion – interview with Dr. Indira Basnett, Director Ipas Nepal,  re strategies to improve Accessibility, Acceptability and Affordability  5 minute video 

[abortion stigma]  Ethicist Leslie Cannold’s 19-minute video explains the problem abortion stigma and suggests how to break the cycle of shame, silence and ignorance    19-minute video

[abortion UK] “Abortion: The Civilised Solution” – Dr. Ellie Lee advocates decriminalization of abortion in discussion with young people. 44-minute video

[conscientious objection] “Is there no alternative? Conscientious objection by medical students” by Robert F Card,  Journal of Medical Ethics  38 (2012):  602-604.  Abstract does not not mention abortion, but article does.   article & abstract

Conscientious Objection to Sexual and Reproductive Health Services: International Human Rights Standards and European Law and Practice, by Christina Zampas and Ximena Andión-Ibañez,  European Journal of Health Law 19 (2012) 231-256.   article online.

[assisted repro – Latin America]  The Legal Status of In Vitro Fertilization in Latin America and the American Convention on Human Rights, by Martin Hevia & Carlos Herrera Vacaflor.  Suffolk Transnational Law Review, Forthcoming.  Article online

[maternal mortality/morbidity reduction] “Technical guidance on the application of a Human Rights-based Approach to the implementation of policies and programmes to reduce preventable maternal morbidity and mortality,” submitted to UN Human Rights Council, July 2, 2012    Press Release       Guidance Document  

Gender Issues and International Human Rights: An Overview” by Dianne L. Otto, Human Rights Law Series, Edward Elgar (2012); U of Melbourne Legal Studies Research Paper No. 606.  Article online

Reproductive and Sexual Health Law – upper-year course at University of  Toronto law school – course materials available online for noncommercial educational use or adaptation to other contexts.  Course materials online

US-focused news and legal developments are available on Repro Rights Prof Blog.  View or subscribe here.


[abortion – Australia] “Politics v women’s health: RU486 and the TGA saga ”  Mifepristone (RU486) finally added to Australia Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) in August 2012.   News report 

France will reimburse abortions 100%, begining 2013.  News report.

[abortion – Jamaica] CEDAW urges Jamaica to reconsider abortion laws for cases of rape, incest. News report.

[abortion – Morocco] – Abortion ship launches safe abortion hotline in Morocco.  Press release

[abortion – Northern Ireland] New Marie Stopes clinic to offer abortion services within current legal framework.  News report

[abortion – Uruguay]  Uruguay set to legalize abortion -final debate in Senate begins today.   News report


Center for Reproductive Rights/Columbia Law School Fellowship
2-year, post-graduate fellowship, to prepare recent law school graduates for legal academic careers in reproductive health and human rights.  For the 2013-2015 cycle, apply by October 29, 2012.  Fellowship details

Law Students for  Reproductive Justice – Fellowship Program for current 3Ls and recent law school graduates interested in working to advance reproductive justice through policy advocacy.  Apply by Nov  1, 2012.  Fellowship details


Executive Director, Canadians for Choice, apply by Oct 26, 2012. 
Job details

Women’s Legal Rights Advisor – Mexico – apply by Nov 15, 2012. 
Job details

Links to other employers in the field of Reproductive and Sexual Health Law are now online here.

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