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January 28, 2015

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Abortion developments in 2014, month-by-month overview by FIAPAC, is online here.

Argentina – groups file suit due to state’s failure to comply with 2012 “FAL” Supreme Court ruling allowing access to abortion to cases of rape.  News report 

Botswana – Landmark ruling gives Freedom of Expression to African LGBT advocacy group:
Thuto Rammoge and 19 others v Attorney General [2014] MAHGB-000175-13 (High Court of Botswana) November 14, 2014  Decision onlineAbstract by Law student.

Canada:  New Brunswick (province) removes barriers to abortion.  Press Release.

El Salvador – Woman exonerated from 30-year sentence for abortion; provides hope for another 16 imprisoned women.  News report.

Ireland – Brain dead woman kept alive (against family wishes) in the interests of her 18-week fetus, must be withdrawn from life support.
P.P. v Health Service Executive, [2014 No. 10792P]  29-page judgment delivered December 26, 2014, High Court of Ireland.  29-page decisionAnalysis by Mairead Enright



Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective:  Cases and Controversies, ed. Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. Erdman and Bernard M. Dickens, 16 chapters.  University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014, 482 pages.
Table of Contents online here.   Introduction by the editors: online through SSRN.
Table of Cases with links to decisions, online here, Purchase from: U Penn Press.
A Spanish translation is in progress.  To be notified when it is published, send your email address to at with subject line “Spanish abortion book”

Abortion policies and reproductive health around the world, by  United Nations, Department of Economic and Social Affairs, Population Division, 2014. 52-page report online.

[abortion – U.S. (book)] Every Third Woman in America: How Legal Abortion Transformed our Nation, by David Grimes,  Lulu, 2014. First 29 pages including ContentsPurchase or download book.

[abortion] Storehouse for Abortion Law and Policy, from Ipas,  links advocates and policymakers to publications: primary human rights documents, World Health Organization recommendations, materials by expert organizations, and key journal articles in the following categories:  Drafting abortion laws; Health and life grounds, Provider authorization, Conscientious Objection, Medical abortion, Adolescent rights, Privacy and confidentiality, and Right to Life.   Online here.

[African Women’s Protocol]  “Policing bodies, punishing lives: The African Women’s Protocol as a tool for resistance of illegitimate criminalisation of women’s sexualities and reproduction” by Jaime Todd-Gher, (2014) 14.2 African Human Rights Law Journal 735-756.  Online here. 

[consent] Types of Consent in Reproductive Health Care, by Bernard M. Dickens and Rebecca J. Cook.  International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 128 (2015) 181–184.  abstract and full text.

[ethics – pre-natal screening]  Bioethics 29.1  (Jan 2015) several articles abstracted online, including:
–“Psychological Aspects of Individualized Choice and Reproductive Autonomy in Prenatal Screening”  by Jenny Hewison, pp 9-18  abstract
–“Prenatal Screening, Reproductive Choice, and Public Health”  by Stephen Wilkinson, pp. 26-35  abstract
–“Prenatal Screening: An Ethical Agenda for the Near Future” by Antina de Jong, pp. 46-55   abstract

[human rights] “Advancing sexual health through human rights: The role of the law” by  Eszter Kismödi, Jane Cottingham, Sofia Gruskin & Alice M. Miller.  Global Public Health: An International Journal for Research, Policy and Practice.  2014, pp. 1-16.  Online here.

[Maternal mortality, Brazil, CEDAW] “Human Rights and Maternal Health: Exploring the Effectiveness of the Alyne Decision” by Rebecca Cook.  Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics, Spring 2013,103-123, Original text in EnglishRepublished in SpanishNew edition in Portuguese:  “Direitos humanos e mortalidade materna: explorando a eficácia da decisão do Caso Alyne. Interesse Público [Recurso Eletrônico], São Paulo , v. 16, n. 86, jul./ago. 2014.   Full text in PortugueseRepublished in Portuguese journal.

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MHSc in Bioethics,  University of Toronto, accepting applications till March 1, 2015   Factsheet,   Website.

Graduate Programs in Law at the University of Toronto, application deadlines online.


Executive Director, Center for Women’s Global Leadership, Rutgers University, New Jersey, USA.  Job Details 

Links to other employers in the field of Reproductive and Sexual Health Law are online here.

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