CEDAW: Spain held responsible for gender violence, child murder

Congratulations to Women’s Link Worldwide, for representing the plaintiff in this tragic case, decided by the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women in July 2014.

Ángela González Carreño v. Spain
In the first ruling by an international body finding Spain responsible for gender violence, the CEDAW Committee found that the State violated the rights of Ángela and her deceased daughter Andrea, who was murdered due to negligence by the authorities. In its ruling, the Committee recommended specific measures for Ángela, as well as general and structural measures designed to avoid placing victims of gender violence and their children in danger and to ensure that judges and administrative personnel perform their duties free of gender stereotypes.

CEDAW Decision of July 18, 2014,  in English, Spanish, French, Arabic, Russian and Chinese is available online here. 

Case Summary, Decision and Comments by Women’s Link Worldwide  online in Spanish.

Brief summary and Comments by Women’s Link Worldwide  online in English,

Links to amicus curiae briefs from the International Commission of Jurists; Save the Children, Victor Abramovich and Susana Villarán; Christine Chinkin and Keina Yoshida; and Simone Cusack (re gender stereotyping aspects) Links to amicus curiae briefs,

Overview of the case by Gema Fernández Rodríguez de Liévana and Paloma Soria Montañez of Women’s Link Worldwide on the OP-CEDAW blog.


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