Involuntary Sterilization of HIV-Positive Women as Intersectional Discrimination

Congratulations to Dr. Ronli Sifris of Monash University’s Faculty of Law, whose forthcoming article in Human Rights Quarterly is already available online through SSRN:

Involuntary Sterilization of HIV-Positive Women:
An Example of Intersectional Discrimination

forthcoming in (2015) 37(2) Human Rights Quarterly

This article considers the involuntary sterilization of HIV-positive women through the lens of intersectional discrimination. It begins by examining the international human right to be free from discrimination before considering involuntary sterilization as a form of discrimination against women. The article then draws on the example of the involuntary sterilization of HIV-positive women to make the point that, in order to truly understand the insidious nature of involuntary sterilization, it must be viewed through the prism of intersectional discrimination.
The full text is online through SSRN.


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