Call for Papers on Abortion and Human Rights

The Health and Human Rights Journal is calling for papers to be published in a special section in June 2017 on abortion from a human rights perspective. The special section will be edited by Alicia Ely Yamin and Paola Bergallo.  Papers must be submitted by 31 October 2016.
Topics could include:

  • Conceptual and theoretical analysis of the developments on abortion law and human rights in international and constitutional law throughout the world.
  • Socio-legal studies of legal mobilization and counter-mobilization on abortion rights exploring the role of actors such as the women’s and the human rights movement, health providers, conservative and religious groups, legal support structures, and political players. The studies could focus in the dynamics of national, sub-national, regional, transnational or international struggles for and against the right to abortion.
  • The challenges of implementing abortion reforms through high impact litigation, abortion guidelines, or social mobilization strategies such as the hotlines providing access to information on medical abortion or the damage reduction model put forward by physicians.
  • The effects and impacts—for example, in women, groups, public opinion, policies, rules and other contexts—of the different legal strategies for abortion deployed by progressive and conservative movements. The impact of policies criminalizing abortion and other reproductive rights in women’s life and health.
  • A critical examination of the experience and policies of particular countries as they have attempted to expand access to abortion trough legal reforms and health policies.
  • Comparisons of health and legal abortion reforms adopted in different countries of the world. Sub-national comparisons within countries or between sub-national experiences of different countries.

About the Journal: The Health and Human Rights Journal is a peer-reviewed, open access journal under the editorship of Partners in Health co-founder Paul Farmer. It is published twice yearly by Harvard University Press, with new issues released in June and December. There are no publication fees unless authors can use open access publication grants.

Submission Details:

  • Papers must be submitted by 31 October 2016
  • Papers have a maximum word length of 7,000 words, including references.
  • Author guidelines are available here.
  • Editorial style guide is online here.

Questions about this special section on “Abortion and Human Rights”  can be directed to: Alicia Ely Yamin (, Paola Bergallo ( or Carmel Williams, Executive Editor, Health and Human Rights Journal (

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