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Featured book:

Integrating Medicine, Ethics and Law

by Rebecca J. Cook, Bernard M. Dickens
and Mahmoud  F. Fathalla
Oxford University Press, 2003

The book is designed to equip health care providers and administrators to integrate ethical, legal, and human rights principles in protection and promotion of reproductive health, and to inform lawyers and women’s health advocates about aspects of medicine and health care systems that affect reproduction. The authors integrate their disciplines in reproductive medicine, women’s health, human rights, medical law and bioethics, to provide an accessible but comprehensive introduction to reproductive and sexual health. They analyze fifteen case studies of recurrent problems, focusing particularly on resource-poor settings. Approaches to resolution are considered at clinical and health system levels. They also consider kinds of social change that would relieve the underlying conditions of reproductive health dilemmas. The aim is to equip readers to fashion solutions in their own health care circumstances, compatibly with ethical, legal and human rights principles.

English Editions:
Canada       United Kingdom      United States
English  for Oxford Scholarship Online subscribers

Editions in other languages:
Arabic edition of the Case Studies, with  Islamic & Coptic Views
Chinese (Beijing: China Population Publishing House, 2006)
French Edition  (Elsevier-Masson) (2004)
Portuguese  (2005)
Spanish  download entire book (PDF)

5  Case Studies excerpted from the book: 
online through our webpage:
#2:    Female Genital Cutting (Circumcision/Mutilation)
#3:    Adolescent Girl Seeing Sexual and Reproductive Health Care
#4:    Sexual Assault and Emergency Contraception
#8:    Counselling and Caring for an HIV-Positive Woman
#10:  Responding to a Request for Pregnancy Termination

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