May 28, 2015


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GENDER JUSTICE OBSERVATORY-  Voting open until May 31, 2015
Vote the Best or Worst Decisions that promote or negatively affect gender equality
View all Nominated Decisions:   English    Spanish
How to vote:  English video    Spanish video

KENYA:  Hospital liable for costs of unwanted child after failure to implant contraceptive.
AAA v. Registered Trustees of Aga Khan University Hospital, Civil Case no. 3 of 2013, High Court of Kenya at Nairobi, Civil Division.
Decision online.    Newspaper summaryDetailed summary by Godfrey Kangaude

PHILIPPINES – Contraception ban in Manila, inquiry report by UN – CEDAW, finds reproductive rights violations and discrimination. CEDAW inquiry report online.   Center for Reproductive Rights Press release.

SOUTH AFRICA – “Ukuthwala (customary law) is not a defence against rape of a child.”
High Court of the Western Cape
Jezile v S (A127/2014) [2015] ZAWCHC (23 March 2015)
Detailed Case Summary of Jezile case.  Entire Judgment.
University of Pretoria’s Centre for Child Law: Press Release

UGANDA – Preventable maternal death and constitutional right to health – Centre for Health, Human Rights and Development (CEHURD) and others v. Attorney General, Constitutional Petition No. 16 of 2011 (Constitutional Court of Uganda) [2012] UGCC 4, 5 June 2012. Decision online.   Legal Comment.    NEWS: Overruled by Supreme Court in 2015.


“Bioethics, Medical Ethics and Health Law”
UNESCO Chair in Bioethics 11th World Conference
Royal Continental Congress Center
October 20-22, 2015, Naples, Italy  Conference details.

2016 FIAPAC Conference
13 – 15 October 2016
Lisbon, Portugal  Conference details.


Inspiring a Medico-Legal Revolution: Essays in Honour of Sheila McLean,  ed. Pamela Ferguson and Graeme Laurie (Ashgate,  June 2015)
Book abstract and details .
Part I:  Issues at the Beginning of Life, includes:

1 Reproductive Health and the Law, by Rebecca J. Cook and Bernard M. Dickens,

2 DIY Abortion and Harm Reduction, by Emily Jackson,

3 Parenthood and Artificial Human Reproduction: The Dangers of Inappropriate Medicalisation, by Kenneth McK. Norrie,

4 ‘Fetal Infants’: At the Edge of Life? by Margot Brazier and John Harris.

Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective:  Cases and Controversies, ed. Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. Erdman and Bernard M. Dickens, 16 chapters.  University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014, 482 pages. Introduction by the editors: online through SSRN. Book reviewers should contact Gigi Lamm (glamm {a} pobox. upenn. edu) Includes 16 chapters, Table of Legislation, Table of Cases, also online here, with links to abortion-related decisions in English and/or other languages). Table of Contents online here. Purchase info: link to U Penn Press.

[abortion] The Responsibility Objection to Abortion: Rejecting the Notion that the Responsibility Objection Successfully Refutes a Woman’s Right to Choose, by Ian K. McDaniel,  Bioethics, 29.4 (2015)  pp. 291-299, 2015. Abstract online.

[conscience]  Managing Conscientious Objections in Intensive Care Medicine,  An Official American Thoracic Society Policy Statement, by Thaddeus Mason Pope and Mithya Lewis-Newby, Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 2015 Jan 15;191(2):219-27. Abstract Online.

[conscience]  Medical Law Review – special issue 23, on Conscience and Proper Medical Treatment, intro Sara Fovargue, Sheelagh McGuinness, Alexandra Mullock, and Stephen Smith
— Medicine and Abortion Law, by Sheelagh McGuinness and Michael Thomson
— Conscientious Objection:  Personal and Professional Ethics in the Public Square, by Jonathan Montgomery
— “In Good Conscience”:  Conscience-based exemptions and Proper Medical Treatment, by Sara Fovargue and Mary Neal
— Making decisions about decision-making: Conscience, Regulation and the Law, by José Miola
— A Bridge too Far: Individualised Claims of Conscience, by Stephen W. Smith
— Gillick Reinstated: Judging Mid-Childhood Competence in Healthcare Law: An NHS Trust v. ABC and a local Authority [2014] EWHC 1445 (FAM)
— Book Review:  Conscience and Conviction: The case for civil disobedience, by Clayton Ó Néill

[Ethics] New guidelines from the FIGO  for the Ethical Aspects of Human Reproduction and Women’s Health, published in the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics (IJGO)
— Health consequences of child or adolescent marriage,  IJGO 128.1, Jan. 2015, pp 83-84. Online
 — Adolescent pregnancies, IJGO  128.2, Feb. 2015, pp. 185-186  Online.
— Conscientious objection in training IJGO 128.1 1, Jan 2015, pp. 89-90  Online.
— Women’s post-reproductive lives, IJGO 128. 2, Feb. 2015, pp. 189-190.  Online.
— Healthcare professionals’ responses to violence against women, IJGO 128.1, Jan. 2015, pp 87-88.  Online.
— Conflict of interest, including relationships with industry, IJGO 128.3, Mar. 2015, pp 282-283.  Online.

Holistic Pregnancy: Rejecting the Theory of the Adversarial Mother, by Rona Kaufman Kitchen, Hastings Women’s Law Journal, 26.2( 2015)  Article online.

[Latin America] “Reproduction and the Rule of Law in Latin America, by Michele Goodwin and Allison M. Whelan, Fordham Law Review, Vol. 83, No. 5, 2015; UC Irvine School of Law Research Paper No. 2015-44. Article online.


Dominican Republic: Abortion Law Debated in Supreme Court,
Center for Reproductive Rights Press release

Ecuador – CEDAW recommends to decriminalize abortion for rape, incest and severe fetal impairment,  Concluding Observations – Ecuador.  Press release from Human Rights Watch.

Guyana:  Twenty years after legalization, the stigma of abortion still prevents effective implementation, by Fred Nunes (in Stabroek Newspaper)

Mexico:  legal grounds for abortion have been increased in three Mexican states: Guerrero, Michoacan and Tlaxcala. GIRE report

Morocco  considers new abortion law, led by the king and a gynecologist.  Guardian newspaper

Myanmar: population control bill signed into law despite concerns it could be used to persecute minorities.  News report.

Paraguay:  Raped 10-year old denied abortion is “tantamount to torture” claims Amnesty International.  News report

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World Health Organization:  Misoprostol for treating Post-Partum Hemorrhage is included in the Model List of Essential Medicines
Model List.

Zimbabwe: Child brides take government to court over marriage laws.  News report.


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Decisions, Events, Fellowships, Resources, News & Jobs

May 14, 2013

May 14, 2013


European Court of Human Rights:  Valiuliene v. Lithuania.    State held liable for failure to investigate effectively into complaints of domestic violence.  Decision online.
 Women’s Lobby Report online.

India:  Voluntary Health Association of Punjab v Union of India & Ors  [2013] INSC 289
Supreme Court, 4 March 2013.  stricter rules to regulate pre-conception and prenatal diagnosis to enforce 1994 prohibition on sex selection.  Decision online

Scotland, UK:   Petition  of Mary Teresa Doogan and Concepta Wood for Judicial Review of a decision of Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board.  Midwives in administrative capacity allowed conscientious refusal to supervise staff who perform abortions.  Decision online
   —“Catholic midwives win landmark legal battle over objection to abortions” News report
   —“When Health-Care Providers Refuse Care, Whose Rights Are at Stake?” Comment by Marianne Møllmann, Amnesty International
   —“Conscientious Objection in Scotland:  A Worrying Precedent”  Comment by Louise Finer, Reproductive Health Matters.

Third Latin American Legal Congress on Reproductive Rights, Cuernavaca, Morelos – Mexico, October 14-16, 2013. 
Congress details.

“Monitoring the Implementation of CEDAW toward Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights” ASIL-AU Continuing Legal Education Institutes, 3-part course series on Human Rights.    Part 1 of 3 features speakers Rebecca Cook, Sarah Craven and Cristina Finch.
May 29, 2013, Washington DC   Course event information

Fellowship  (for law graduates), Avon Global Center for Women and Justice at Cornell Law School, Itaca, NY, USA, Apply by May 24, 2013.  Cornell Fellowship Information.

Health Equity – Summer Fellowship:  Women’s College Hospital Institute for Health System Solutions and Virtual Care, Toronto, Canada, 2 month fellowship with $5000 stipend,  “Justice in Healthcare” is one of the proposal topics sought, Project proposals due May 24, 2013.  Health Equity Fellowship


[abortion] Remaking the case for a woman’s right to choose, by Ann Furedi, reprinted in bpas Reproductive Review, April 26, 2013. 
Article online.

[abortion, Ecuador]  The Struggle for Abortion Rights in Ecuador, by Heather Sayette, IPPF.   Online  article.

Bioethics Training Curriculum from FIGO – includes basic principles and 25 case studies in Reproductive Health, can be used freely to train healthcare personnel.  Download from FIGO 

[emergency contraception] European Consortium for Emergency Contraception – New website

Infanticide & “after birth” abortion, special issue of Journal of Medical Ethics 39.5 (May 2013)  Journal of Medical Ethics issue

“Human Rights and Maternal Health: Exploring the Effectiveness of the Alyne decision” by Rebecca J. Cook, Journal of Law, Medicine and Ethics 41.1 (2013): 103-23.  Article online through academic libraries.  Portuguese translation forthcoming in Revista de Direito Estados.

[human rights] “Applying Human Rights to Maternal Health: UN Technical Guidance on Rights-Based Approaches,” by Alicia Ely Yamin, International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 121 (2013) 190–193. Article and abstract online.

Maternal Mortality, Human Rights and Accountability (new book) ed. Paul Hunt and Tony Gray.  Book information online.

[Mexico] Omisión e Indiferencia:  Derechos Reproductivos en México – detailed analysis of the advances, unfulfilled debts and setbacks to reproductive rights in Mexico. 2007-2013.  English translation forthcoming.   Report in Spanish online.

“Movement Litigation and Unilateral Disarmament,” by Richard S. Price and Thomas Keck, [Using two US right-to-life litigation case studies, this article disputes the common assumption that reproductive rights advocates refrain from litigation, confining themselves to legislative approaches.] Working paper online.

[Nigeria] “Legal Right to Maternal Health in Nigeria – Why Not?” by Aniaka Angel-Jacinta Oluchi.   Working Paper online.

[U.S.] Equality Arguments for Abortion Rights , by Neil Siegel & Reva B. Siegel,  UCLA Law Review Discourse, Vol. 60, 2013.   Article online.  


Argentina:  Doctors are under investigation for refusing to perform a legal abortion procedure during life-threatening pregnancy in 2011.  Woman lost physical mobility by carrying pregnancy to term.  Spanish news article

Canada: Alberta halts program for low-cost birth control. Regulatory concerns force halt to program.   News article.

Ecuador guarantees right to free emergency contraception. 
News article.

El Salvador: Beatriz case — woman with anencephalic fetus is being denied life saving medical intervention. 
Appeal from Amnesty International
   —[Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights] “Human Rights Bodies  Call on El Salvador to Provide Life-Saving Abortion. 
Report in blog article

India:  Time limit of abortions raised to 63 days (9 weeks), formerly 7 weeks. News report.

India Rape Law:  Parliament passes strict sexual violence legislation.”  News report.

Irish government puts forward draft abortion bill, includes suicide.  News report.   Catholic Church dissent.

Malawi: Gender Equality Bill -Section 19(1) gives “every person a right whether or not to have a child” and complies with CEDAW.   Minister of Gender’s Statement to UN Commission on the Status of Women, session 57.    Church dissent.

Malawi:  Domestic Violence Bill signed by President.  News report.

Mexico:   Supreme Court Invalidates Queretaro constitutional article that “recognizes, protects and guarantees the right to life of every human being from the moment of fertilization.”(April 29, 2013). 
English news article.     Spanish news article

Uruguay legalizes same-sex marriage. 
News report.   Amnesty comment

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Legal Adviser for Europe & Global Advocacy Programs (based in
Geneva),  The Center for Reproductive Rights,  Geneva, Switzerland.  Apply by May 29, 2013.  Job details.   

Program Associate – Women’s Rights and Reproductive Rights,  Wellspring Advisors, LLC.  New York, NY, USA.  Apply by  May 17, 2013.    Job details. 

Links to other employers in the field of Reproductive and Sexual Health Law are online here.

Compiled by the Coordinator of the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program, reprohealth*law at For Program publications and resources, see our website, online here.    

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