Rape-related abortion: legal and policy aspects – working bibliography

Congratulations and thanks to the Co-Directors, research assistants and advisors of the International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Law, who recently issued the following annotated bibliography online.

Working Bibliography: Legal and Policy Dimensions of Rape-Related Abortion Services: Court Decisions, Treaty Resources, Policy Guidance and Publications (Toronto: International Reproductive and Sexual Health Law Program, April 21, 2018),
(English Rape bibliography, 39 pages).
 (Spanish Rape bibliography, 40 pages)

This working bibliography was compiled during various legal research, policy and advocacy projects on the delivery of abortion services as a result of rape.  It is work in progress, and also includes a few references to the literature and cases on delivery of emergency contraceptives following rape, post-exposure prophylaxis for sexually transmitted infections, and social services including trauma counselling.  Its objective is to provide resources to stimulate further legal research, policy and advocacy projects to ensure the timely delivery of dignified health care of women who have been raped.
A sister-bibliography of Spanish resources is online here (update in progress)
Please send any suggestions for possible additions to either bibliography to
reprohealth . law @utoronto.ca.

Table of Contents

Court Decisions: 
Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, India, Ireland, Peru, Rwanda, United Kingdom, United States, Zimbabwe

Treaty Resources: Regional and International Treaty Bodies
– Decisions, Comments and Observations

Policy Guidance – National and International

Databases that show whether countries allow abortion in cases of rape

Articles and Book Chapters
Reports and Resources of Non-Governmental Organizations

Suggestions for further inclusion, in Spanish or English, are welcome at:   reprohealth . law @utoronto.ca.

Acknowledgments:  We are immensely grateful to University of Toronto Law students: Michelle Hayman, Hanna Kofman and Jacqueline Stroz for helping us put this bibliography together, and to Marge Berer, Millicent Bogert and Jaime Todd-Gher for insightful comments on previous drafts.





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