REPROHEALTHLAW Updates – May 2017

May 26, 2017

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Argentina:  Juzgado Nacional en lo Criminal de Instrucción 16, Secretaría 111 de la Capital Federal, causa 28.580/2015, “M.N.N.”  (28 de Junio de 2016).  National Criminal Court held a woman and the doctors who prescribed her abortion medications, not guilty of any crime because the woman’s health was at risk. The woman was pregnant because her partner raped her.  English summarySpanish summary.   Download decision in Spanish.

Colombia:  Constitutional Court blocked sterilization of a disabled girl who was too young to consent.   English summarySpanish summary with link to decision.

India:   Indu Devi v the State of Bihar [2017] No(s.) 14327, decided May 9, 2017 (Supreme Court of India). Destitute HIV+ woman, pregnant from rape, refused abortion past legal limit of 20 weeks, but State held responsible for delay that prevented legal abortion.  Summary by H. Kofman forthcoming on this blog  Decision download 

Uruguay:  Woman refused legal abortion after former partner intervenes.   Summary in EnglishSpanish summary with link to decision. Safe Abortion Campaign report.


Gender Justice Uncovered Awards: Nominations for best and worst court decisions.  Many striking cases and decisions summarized, e.g., Argentina, Colombia and Uruguay decisions mentioned above.    Vote before May 31, 2017

Call for Submissions: “Gender Violence and International Human Rights Law” for the 2018 Human Rights Essay Award, organized by Academy on Human Rights and Humanitarian Law, Washington College of Law, American University, Washington DC.   Submission Information and form.

Open Call for Submissions, McGill Journal of Law and Health, peer-reviewed. Details and Editorial Guidelines.


Graduate study in Health Law now available at the Centre for Health Law, Policy and Ethics, University of Ottawa, currently accepting LLM and PhD applications on a rolling basis for the 2017-2018 academic year.    Brochure online.


“Abortion by telemedicine: an equitable option for Irish women,” by Wendy V. Norman and Bernard M. Dickens,  BMJ May 16, 2017; 357 Article online.

[abortion, Canada] “A Constitutional Future for Abortion Rights in Canada,” by Joanna Erdman, Alberta Law Review 54.3(2017):727-752   Article online.

[abortion, Europe]  “Legal and Political Discourses on Women’s Right to Abortion,” by Christina Zampas,  chapter 1 in:  A Fragmented Landscape: Abortion Governance and Protest Logics in Europe, ed.  Silvia De Zordo, Joanna Mishtal, and Lorena Anton   (New York: Berghahn, 2016)  Details from Publisher

[abortion law] “Regulating Abortion: Dissensus and the Politics of Rights” by Siobhan Mullally, introduction to special issue of Social & Legal Studies: An International Journal, 2016, Vol.25(6) . Introduction online.

[abortion law]  “Book Review: Francisca Pou Giménez on Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna Erdman and Bernard M. Dickens’s Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies”, on I-CONnect, Blog of the International Journal of Constitutional Law and Constitution Making, May 17, 2017  Book review online.   (Penn Press discount code: PH70).    Spanish edition, FCE/CIDE, 2016

[abortion law pedagogy] “The Social Life of Abortion Law: On Personal and Political Pedagogy,” by Nicky Priaulx, Medical Law Review 25.1(2017):73-98.  Download abstract and PDF.

[abortion travel]  “The Law of Stigma, Travel, and the Abortion-Free Island,” Columbia Journal of Gender & Law 33.1(2016): 29-37.  PDF online.

[conscience]  “Physicians, Not Conscripts — Conscientious Objection in Health Care,” by Ronit Y. Stahl and Ezekiel J. Emanuel, New England J Medicine 376 (April 6, 2017):  1380-85.  Full text for institutional subscribers

[Ireland]  The Citizens’ Assembly – Draft Bill [recommendations for Irish abortion law reform] by Lawyers for Choice, Human Rights in Ireland, April 25, 2017  Draft Bill online.

[Nigeria]  “Accountability for Maternal Healthcare Services in Nigeria,” by Onyema Afulukwe, International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 137.2(May 2017) 220-226.  Abstract.  PDF temporarily online for 12 months   Submitted text (typescript) online.

Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments: Judges’ Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity, edited by Máiréad Enright, Julie McCandless and Aoife O’Donoghue (Oxford: Hart, 2017)   re-imagines, re-writes and comments on 26 court decisions from feminist perspectives.  Our commentsTable of Contents and details

[South Africa]  Pregnancy Law in South Africa: Between Reproductive Autonomy and Foetal Interests, by Camilla Pickles (South Africa: Juta, 2017), (based on thesis from University of Pretoria,  Thesis abstract   Book details from publisher

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“The Law, Trials and Imprisonment  for Abortion in [individual countries].”  International Campaign for Safe Abortion.  MexicoArgentina,  Kenya .


Associate Professor/Professor and Assistant Director, Center for Human Rights, Faculty of Law, University of Pretoria.  Position details.

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Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments – re-imagining court decisions

May 26, 2017

Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments: Judges’ Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity, edited by Máiréad Enright, Julie McCandless and Aoife O’Donoghue (Oxford: Hart, 2017) (available here) is the most recent of a series of insightful studies on re-imagining court decisions from feminist perspectives.[1]    The volume includes rewrites and commentaries on 26 cases from Ireland or Northern Ireland, including:

Attorney General v. X, [1992] I.E.S.C. 1, (Supreme Court of Ireland) had decided that an attempt to prevent a 14-year old girl who was pregnant as a result of being raped, from traveling from Ireland to England in order to access abortion care was not justified.  Actual decision online.

In Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments. Ruth Fletcher rewrites the Irish Supreme Court’s landmark decision in the X case.Sheelagh McGuinness writes a commentary on it, explaining the ways in which Fletcher J. illustrates how the Eighth Amendment to the Irish Constitution (acknowledging the “right to life of the unborn… with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother…”) is an instrument of gendered harms.  McGuinness contrasts the “progressive constitutionalism” of Fletcher J.’s reasoning with the “conservative constitutionalism” of the original judgment. Fletcher J. crafts a judgment that considers the text of the Eighth Amendment, examines the evidence of the substantial difference between the contingency of unborn life and the life of the pregnant woman that sustains that life to decide, consistently with the original judgment, that X is entitled to an abortion. She tries to rise above her own partiality by putting herself in X’s shoes to explain how her pregnancy in such circumstances would impose “an impracticable burden on her rightful life.”
ONLINE:  Ruth Fletcher’s imagined decision: working paper version
Sheelagh McGuinness’s commentary: peer review version

McGee v. Attorney General,[1974] I.R. 284 (Supreme Court of Ireland), which had overturned a criminal ban on the importation of contraceptives into Ireland. Actual decision online.

Emilie Cloatre and Máiréad Enright write the commentary on Enright’s rewriting of the Irish Supreme Court’s decision in the McGee case, where Enright J. reached the same decision but for different reasons. They explore the ways that Enright J. acknowledged Mrs. McGee’s experiences in trying to access effective contraception to enable her to plan her family in ways that did not seriously risk her life.  Of particular note is the way in which Enright J. elaborated how Mrs. McGee’s right to freedom of conscience was a basis for overturning the importation ban: “There can be no clearer example, in my view, of the exercise of constitutionally protected conscience than Mrs. McGee’s deliberate breach of a provision of the criminal law that imposes a particular set of moral principles on the citizenry.”

[1] Northern/Irish Feminist Judgments-Judges’ Troubles and the Gendered Politics of Identity, ed. Máiréad Enright, Julie McCandless and Aoife O’Donoghue (Oxford: Hart, 2017) (book details).  Other insightful studies on re-imagining court decisions from feminist perspectives  include:  Rewriting Equality (2006) 18(1); R. Hunter, C.McGlynn and E. Rackley (eds.) Feminist Judgments: From Theory to Practice (Oxford: Hart, 2010); H. Douglas, F. Bartlett, T. Luker and R. Hunter (eds.), Australian Feminist Judgments: Righting and Rewriting Law (Oxford: Hart, 2015); K. Stanchi, L. Berger and B. Crawford (eds.), U.S. Feminist Judgments: Rewritten Opinions of the United States Supreme Court (Cambridge: CUP, 2016).

REPROHEALTHLAW Updates — March 2017

March 29, 2017

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Caso I.V. v. Bolivia,   Sentencia de 30  Noviembre de 2016 (Excepciones Preliminares, Fondo, Reparaciones y Costas) Corte InterAmericana de Derechos Humanos [Inter-American Court of Human Rights]Decision 2016 in SpanishCase summary by Christina Zampas.  Amicus Curiae brief by Ciara O’Connell, Diana Guarnizo-Peralta and Cesar Rodriguez-Garavito in English.   Report on the Merits (2014) in English

Kenya Legal and Ethical Network on HIV & AIDS (KELIN) & 3 others v Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Health & 4 others [2016] Petition 250 of 2015 (High Court of Kenya Constitutional and Human Rights Division).  [Official collection of Kenyans’ HIV data halted, as “unconstitutional”]  Decision onlineComment from Jurist Blog.

[Kenya] Martin C.   v. Republic, Criminal Appeal No. 32 of 2015, April 26, 2016 (High Court of Kenya, at Malindi).  [sexual relationship between adult man of 23 and girl of 14 is not “defilement” because she sought it.  Prisoner released.]  Decision online.  {Summary by Godfrey Kangaude forthcoming on this blog.}

[South Africa] Dwenga and Others v Surgeon-General of the South African Military Health Services and Others [2014] ZAGPPHC 727, Case No. 40844/2013, the High Court at North Gauteng. [against discrimination toward HIV+ employees in the military.]  Summary for Legal Grounds III.    Decision online.

[South Africa] Gary Shane Allpass v Mooikloof Estates (Pty) Ltd. [2011], Case No. JS178/09, a Labour Court of South Africa.  [wrongful dismissal of HIV-positive employee].  Summary for Legal Grounds III.   Decision online.


Calls for Papers, Special Issue on “Gender and the Rise of the Global Right,” in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society. Submit by September 15, 2017,  Detailed call for papers.

Callls for Applications, “Health Rights Litigation Intensive” June 26-30, 2017, one-week summer course at the O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law, at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington DC, USA.  Apply by April 10, 2017.  HR Litigation course info.

Gender Justice Uncovered awards 2017, is collecting the best and worst court decisions from 2016.  Nominate your best or worst case here in English.  Nomina tu caso ya  en Espanol.


Abortion Law in Transnational Perspective: Cases and Controversies, ed. Rebecca J. Cook, Joanna N. Erdman and Bernard M. Dickens, Pennsylvania Studies in Human Rights Series, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2014. 
New 20% discount code: PH70.  Now in paperback (March 2017), 
Table of Contents.    Introduction online at SSRN.  Table of Cases online (Spanish and English, with links to court decisions.   ¡Ahora en español! El aborto en el derecho transnacional (CIDE/FCE, 2016)  folleto con sumario 

Brazilian Supreme Court abortion ruling – I-CONnect blog symposium of scholarly comments from five perspectives:  Rebecca J. Cook and Bernard M. Dickens, Chao-ju Chen; Grégor Puppinck; Debora Diniz and Christine Ricardo; and Rachel Rebouché. 5 perspectives on Brazilian abortion ruling.

Brazilian dossier on “Gênero, Raça e Pobreza: a abordagem de múltiplas identidades pelo Direito” [Gender, Race and Poverty: The Multiple Identities Approach to Law] Revista FGV Direito 22(2015), ed. Marta Machado, online here.  includes articles in Portuguese or English with abstracts in both languages, about: domestic violence laws, CEDAW, maternity in prison, and research in prisons (by D. Diniz), and abortion, i.e.:
—[South Africa, abortion] “Claiming and Defending Abortion Rights in South Africa” / Reivindicando e defendendo o direito ao aborto na África do Sul” by Cathi Albertyn, Revista FGV Direito 22 (2015): 429-454   English article with Portuguese abstract.

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AFRICA: Legal Grounds III: Reproductive and Sexual Rights in Sub-Saharan African Courts – 54 case summaries

February 14, 2017


by: Godfrey Kangaude, Onyema Afulukwe, Guy-Fleury Ntwari, et al.
Foreword by Prof. Charles G. Ngwena
PULP (Pretoria University Law Press) 2017
228 page book onlinePrevious volumes.
Printable flyer with Table of Contents

Reproductive and sexual rights, which are guaranteed in constitutions and in international and regional human rights treaties, have no impact if they are not recognized and enforced by national-level courts. Legal Grounds: Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Sub-Saharan African Courts Volume III continues to provide much-needed information about whether and how national courts of African countries apply constitutional and human rights to protect reproductive and sexual rights. The case summaries, significance sections, and thematic highlights serve as useful resources for those seeking to further develop litigation, advocacy, and capacity- building strategies.

Like its predecessors, Legal Grounds: Reproductive and Sexual Rights in Sub-Saharan African Courts – Volume III is a tool for organizations, individuals, and institutions of learning. The scope of this third volume has been widened beyond Commonwealth African countries to include cases from Francophone countries, while focusing more exclusively on court decisions related to reproductive and sexual health. This compelling publication contributes towards a knowledge base of court decisions that bear directly or indirectly on the exercise of reproductive and sexual health as constitutional and human rights in Africa.
228 page book onlinePrevious volumes Printable flyer with Table of Contents.

Foreword, Introduction, Acknowledgments
Children and Adolescents
—Child, Forced and Early Marriage
—Female Genital Mutilation legal-grounds/
—Sexual Abuse, Assault and Violence
—Consensual Sexual Conduct
—Student Pregnancy
—Maternal Health Care and Services
Abortion and Fetal Interests
—Wrongful Birth or Life
Adoption and Surrogacy
Gender, Sexuality, Women and Discrimination
—Disability, Sexuality and Criminal Law
—Women and Criminal Law
—Legal Recognition of Intersexuality
—Gender Identity
—Sexual Orientation
—Recognition of LGBTIQ Advocacy and Groups
—Access to Treatment
—Criminalisation of Transmission
—Forced Sterilization
—Discrimination in Employment
Francophone Africa / L’Afrique Francophone
—Adultery, Polygamy, Infanticide
Appendices – Table of Cases, Online Resources, Endnotes

Child Marriage: Legal and Socio-Cultural Aspects, by Godfrey Kangaude
Adolescent Consensual Sexual Conduct, by Godfrey Kangaude
Sexual Abuse, Assault and Violence, by Victoria Balogun
Maternal Health Care and Services, by Tinyade Kachika
Abortion and Fetal Interests, by Onyema Afulukwe
Adoption and Surrogacy, by Ronaldah Lerato Karabo Ozah
Gender, Sexuality, Women and Discrimination, by MaryFrances Lukera
Criminalisation of HIV Non-Disclosure, Exposure and Transmission, by Jacinta Nyachae
Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Women Living with HIV, by Ebenezer Durojaye
Towards Respect for Human Diversity, by Godfrey Kangaude

COUNTRIES:  Benin, Botswana, Kenya, Namibia, Niger, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda,  Zambia, Zimbabwe

228 page book online.  Previous volumes.
Printable flyer with Table of Contents.

Court decisions, Events, Fellowships, Resources, News & Jobs

December 19, 2012

December 19, 2012


European Court of Human Rights, Z v. Poland, Application no. 46132/08, Judgment of Nov 13, 2012.  Woman died due to being refused diagnostic care and treatment for disease due to pregnancy, but Court did not find violation of article 2 (right to life).  
Decision online.     Comment from Center for Reproductive Rights  

European Court of Human Rights, I.G. and Others  v.  Slovakia, Application no. 15966/04, Judgment of Nov 13, 2012.  Sterilizations of Roma women without informed consent violated their human rights.  Decision online.      Brief summary by law student

Solomon Islands, High Court:  Regina v. Gua [2012] SBHC 118, 8 October 2012.   Rule exempting husbands from liability for rape on their wives is no longer applicable; it is no longer supported by common law and offensive to modern standards and principles of equality found in international conventions and the Constitution. (based on summary by Interights)    Full text of decision online.


“Sexual Violence in the Recent Conflicts in Libya and Syria: Challenges to Protecting Victims & Protecting Accountability,” organized by the International Human Rights Program,  Faculty of Law, University of Toronto, Canada, Bennett Lecture Hall, on February 8, 2013 (8:30 a.m.-6:00 p.m.).   More information

“Bodies of Law: Women’s Health & Equality” Feminist Legal Studies Conference, Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
March 1-2, 2013.     More information


Brocher Foundation – 1 to 4 month residencies in 2014 (Bioethics, medical ethics, Law) for researchers (PhD students to Professors) who wish to work on projects on the ethical, legal and social implications for humankind of recent medical research and new technologies.
Overview online.      Fellowship details.  

Erasmus Mundus Master of Bioethics for the academic year 2013-2014, organized by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Belgium), Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen (the Netherlands) and the Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy).  Apply by Jan. 15, 2013.  
Program Overview.      Scholarship information

Global Health Fellows,  2013-2014,  O’Neill Institute for National and Global Health Law at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA.  Apply by Feb 22, 2013.   Fellowship details.

Women’s Human Rights Education Institute held in Toronto, Canada, May 22 – June 28, 2013 (6 weeks) Apply by Jan 31, 2013.  
Details online.       Scholarship information


[abortion]   “Harm reduction: A novel approach to addressing unsafe abortion,” editorial in Medical Abortion Matters, Nov 2012   Article online.

[abortion]   “Ireland’s Restrictive Abortion Law – A Threat to Women’s Health and Rights?” by Rie Yoshida, Clinical Ethics 6.4 (Dec 2011): 172-178.   Article online.

[abortion – Latin America]  “ ‘The health exception’: a means of expanding access to legal abortion,” by Ana Cristina González Vélez,   Reproductive Health Matters 40(Dec 2012): 22-9.   Abstract online.

[abortion – Mexico] “On Abortion: Exploring Psychological Meaning and Attitudes in a Sample of Mexican Gynecologists” by Ma. Luisa Marván, Asunción Álvarez del Río and Zaira Campos, Developing World Bioethics, Abstract and early view for subscribers: 22 Nov. 2012

[abortion – Sri Lanka] “Misoprostol and the politics of abortion in Sri Lanka by Ramya Kumar, Reproductive Health Matters 40 (Dec 2012): 166-174.   Abstract online.

[abortion & Catholicism] “The Secret History of Sex, Choice and Catholics,” documentary-style film examines Catholic traditions and teachings on key issues: e.g. abortion & contraception, HIV/AIDS, sex & sexuality, new reproductive health technologies, and religion in public policy.  46-minute film online.  (To watch 2-minute clips on specific topics, scroll down on same page.)

“Abortion and Regret,” by Kate Greasley, Journal of Medical Ethics 38 (2012) : 705-711.  Abstract and Article

[conscience]  “Taking Conscience Seriously,” by Elizabeth Sepper, Virginia Law Review 98 (2012): 101-170.   Abstract and article online. 

[conscience]  “Recognizing Conscience in Abortion Provision,” by Lisa Harris, New England Journal of Medicine 367 (Sept 13 2012): 981-983.  Abstract and article online

[conscientious objection]  “When a Health Professional Refuses: Legal and regulatory limits on conscientious objection to provision of abortion care”  by Patty Skuster, Ipas, Chapel Hill, NC.
16-page Ipas report

Conscience and Conscientious Objection 
list of our publications and projects, with links.

[emergency contraception]  “El Status Jurídico de la Anticoncepción de Emergencia en América Latina” por Martin Hevia.  Texto traducido y reproducido con autorización de la Federación Internacional de Ginecología y Obstetricia (FIGO)   Spanish translation
 — “The Legal Status of Emergency Contraception in Latin America,” by Martin Hevia, International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics 116 (2012): 87-90. English original

Emergency contraception: The story of a global reproductive health technology –  in 14 countries: Australia, Bangladesh, Britain, Chile, Canada, Jamaica, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, Thailand-Burma border, United States.   Publisher’s Information

Emergency Contraception
list of our publications and projects, with links.

[HIV+ pregnancy] “Pregnancy decisions of women living with HIV,” ed. Sofia Gruskin and Marge Berer, Supplement to Reproductive Health Matters 39 (Dec 2012), now available.   Table of Contents.

“International Human Rights Law: Towards Rethinking Sex/Gender Dualism and Asymmetry,” by Dianne L. Otto,  in A Research Companion to Feminist Legal Theory, M. Davies and V. Munro (eds.), forthcoming, Ashgate 2013.  Abstract and article online.


Colombia opens first abortion clinic – News article

Costa Rica: petition campaign to help “Aurora,” woman suffering with a nonviable fetus to have therapeutic abortion (supposedly legal in Costa Rica).  More information and call to action

Ireland:  Savita Halappanavar, a 31-year old dentist from India, denied termination during incomplete miscarriage at 17-weeks, died in University Hospital Gallway last month.  News article.

Ireland: Another Irish abortion scandal emerges: The Irish Government has paid substantial compensation to a cancer victim, Michelle Harte, endangered by pregnancy, refused abortion and cancer treatment, could not travel for abortion until it was too late.  Her lawyers sued last year for infringing her rights under the A B & C decision.  News article.

Ireland: Government pledges to allow abortions in life-threatening cases, including suicide risk  News article    Analysis

Luxemburg has adopted abortion on request within 12 weeks, Nov. 22, 2012,  Parliament voted 39 : 21 to change its abortion law of 1978.   After 12 weeks, abortion is legal for medical reasons.  
News article in German.

Mexico – interactive computer game, released by Ipas Mexico, provides youth with info on medical abortion.   Press release

Philippines: Reproductive Health bill approved on second reading in Congress 113-104 (Dec 12, 2012).  News article

Philippines:  Senate votes 13-8 for RH Bill on third and final reading (Dec. 17, 2012)  News article.  

Safe and unsafe induced abortions – global and regional levels 2008 and trends 1995-2008.   8-page WHO Information sheet.

Unsafe abortion incidence and mortality – Global and regional levels in 2008 and trends.   8-page WHO Information sheet

US-focused news, resources, and legal developments are available on Repro Rights Prof Blog.  View or subscribe.


Program Officer, Law and Health Initiative & Sexual Health and Rights Project,  The Open Society Foundations, New York, NY, USA.  Apply by Dec. 31, 2012.   Job details.

Links to other employers in the field of Reproductive and Sexual Health Law are online here
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REPROHEALTHLAW listserve, Oct 22, 2011

October 23, 2011



Canadian Supreme Court – historic decision for harm reduction – Ministry of Health ordered to exempt Insite (safe injection site for drug users to reduce HIV transmission) from federal drug laws.  Canada (Attorney General) v. PHS Community Services Society, 2011 SCC 44, Docket  33556
decision online 

CEDAW –  maternal death in Brazil:   Alyne da Silva Pimentel Teixeira (deceased) v Brazil, CEDAW, UN Doc CEDAW/C/49/D/17/2008 (2011)  decision online  Commentary

Mexican Supreme Court dismisses unconstitutionality claim against constitutional amendments in 2 states protecting life from moment of conception. News item

New Zealand Court of Appeal and Supreme Court.  Abortion Supervisory Committee v. Right to Life New Zealand Inc.  [2011] NZCA 246.  Decision online    Commentary


[fellowship] Petrie-Flom Academic Fellowship 2012-2014, Petrie-Flom Center for Health Law Policy, Biotechnology and Bioethics,  Harvard Law School, USA, Apply by Nov 14, 2011.  More info

[fellowship] John Peters Humphrey Fellowship in International Human Rights, 2012, for students in Canadian law & political science (or equivalent) faculties. Apply to Nov 15, 2011  More info

[papers] Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, special issue on public health law research.  submit paper by Mar 15, 2012. More info

[project funding] Calls for Proposals re funding re sexual/ repro health/rights projects offered by the European Union.  E-neus: Oct 17 edition  online here


(Canada) Reference Re Assisted Human Reproduction Act: Implications of the Supreme Court’s Decision,  symposium, November 4-5, 2011, Bennett Lecture Hall, Flavelle House, Faculty of Law,University of Toronto,Canada.  More info


Indonesia: Safe abortion hotline launched by Women on Waves.  More info

 Mexican president wants change in abortion stance under 1981 Pact of San Jose on Human Rights .  More info


[abortion] Access to Information on Safe Abortion: A Harm Reduction and Human Rights Approach, by Joanna Erdman, Harvard Journal of Law & Gender, Vol. 34, pp. 413-462, 2011 . online at SSRN
[abortion, in Spanish] Special issue on abortion in “Cuestión de Derechos” with articles by Mercedes Cavallo and Paola Bergallo. online here

[access to medicines] IDPC Drug Policy Guide – global evidence & best practices on policy & program design
Executive Summary: English, Arabic, Chinese, Czech, French, ItalianRussian & Spanish
Full text (124 pages): English, French, Spanish, Russian, Georgian & HTML. .

[access to medicines, patents, India] “Freedom under TRIPS: India as an Example. By Cynthia M. Ho, in book: Access to Medicine in the Global Economy: International Agreements on Patents and Related Rights, Oxford University Press, 2011 online at SSRN
[access to medicines, patents, Latin America]
—The Influence of the Andean Intellectual Property Regime on Access to Medicines in Latin America, by Laurence R Helfer & Karen J. Atler, in book: Balancing Wealth and Health: Global Administrative Law and the Battle over Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines in Latin America, ed. Rochelle Dreyfuss, César Rodríguez Garavito, 2011. online at SSRN

—-The Rights-Based Approach to Intellectual Property and Access to Medicine: Parameters and Pitfalls, by Smita Narula, in book: Balancing Wealth and Health: Global Administrative Law and the Battle over Intellectual Property and Access to Medicines in Latin America, ed. Rochelle Dreyfuss, César Rodríguez Garavito, 2011.  online at SSRN

[Africa] Health Care Challenges in Africa: Is Millennium Development Goal 8 an Adequate Panacea? (2011 working paper by Obiajulu Nnamuchi  & Simon Uche Ortuanya, suggests solutions to structural/operational difficultlies re international assistance). online at SSRN

[Conscience – individual, institutional]  Whose Conscience Counts? by Elizabeth Sepper, (2011).  working paper online

[homosexuality -Botswana,India,South Africa, US, Zimbabwe] Morality Tales in Comparative Jurisprudence: What the Law Says About Sex by Allison L. Jernow, analyzes use of public morality justifications in constitutional challenges to laws that criminalize same-sex sexual relationships, use of privacy and equality as counter-arguments to morality. AmsterdamLaw Forum, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 4, 2011 .  online

Legal Perspectives on Gender and Sexual Equality, Amsterdam Law Forum, Vol 3, No 2 (2011). online

[rape] The Crime of Rape Under the Rome Statute of the ICC (with a Special Emphasis on the Jurisprudence of the Ad Hoc Criminal Tribunals) by Nicole Brigitte Maier, Amsterdam Law  Forum, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 146, 2011 . online 

[same-sex rights] The Miraculous Year 2010 in United States’ Gay Rights Law: Anomaly or Tipping Point? By Arthur S. Leonard,  Amsterdam Law Forum, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 176, 2011 .  online

Same-Sex Relationships in Europe: Trends Toward Tolerance?  By Ian Curry-Sumner,   Amsterdam Law Forum, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 43, 2011 .  online

[same-sex marriage] The Institution of Marriage and Other Domestic Relations [re flaws of legalizing same-sex marriage] by Lynn D. Wardle, Amsterdam Law Forum, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 160, 2011.  online

[sex-trafficking, Africa] Human Slavery’s New Era in Sub-Saharan Africa: Combating the Trafficking of Women and Girls for Sexual Exploitation, Report of Findings for Equality Now-Nairobi (August 13, 2010). By Kimberly Marie Brown   Online.

[sex work – India]  Legal Measures Towards Mainstreaming Indian Sex Workers: Would the Swedish Model Work in India? Working paper by Ankita Gulati online

Sexual And Reproductive Rights: More Than Just Health – analysis of Anand Grover’s report to the UN General Assembly, which  focuses on women’s freedom, decision-making, process, and autonomy – by Sandra Dughman Manzur with Shareen Gokal  Online analysis

Unequal in Exile: Gender Equality, Sexual Identity and Refugee Status(2011). By Dale Buscher,  Amsterdam Law Forum, Vol. 3, No. 2, p. 92, 2011 .  Online

 [VAW during wars] Contextualizing Sexual Violence Committed During the War on Terror: A Historical Overview of International Accountability [evolution of international norms re rape & sexual violence] by Alexa Koenig, Ryan S Lincoln & Lauren Groth. University of San Francisco Law Review, Vol. 45, No. 4, p. 911, 2011. online at SSRN

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September 29, 2011
Alyne da Silva Pimentel Teixeira (deceased) v Brazil, CEDAW, UN Doc CEDAW/C/49/D/17/2008 (2011)
(Listserve commentary forthcoming) decision
Clergy Sex Victims File International Criminal Court Complaint:  Case Charges Vatican Officials with ‘Crimes Against Humanity’ news article
Tunisia:  Government lifts key reservations to CEDAW treaty  News article
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[Argentina] Women’s Rights at the Argentine Supreme Court: Innovative Non-Jurisdictional Offices for Women and a Conservative Jurisprudence on Reproductive Rights, working paper by Alba Ruibal.
[Brazil]   Report on Impact of criminalization in 5 Brazilian states
By Gilberta S. Soares, Maria Beatriz Galli and Ana Paula de A.L. Viana, Ipas, 2011.
[Brazil & South Africa]
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[drugs, pregnancy] “Unshackling Addiction: A Public Health Approach to Drug Use During Pregnancy”   by Seema Mohapatra
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